React Conf 2017

March 15, 20171 minute readconferencesReact

I consider myself extremely fortunate to work for a company that values education and provides their employees with the time and resources to attend technical conferences and acquire new skills.

Since my work involves writing and maintaining react components for our application, I decided to attend React Conf, which this year took place in sunny California.

React conf 2017 badge

It was my first time attending this conference and I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but I was very pleased with the quality of the talks and the great diversity, both among speakers and people in attendance. All the talks were definitely made by the community for the community, as opposed to being merely a platform for Facebook to make announcements or anything of that kind.

Among my favorite presentations were "A Cartoon Intro to Fiber", by Lin Clark, "Jest Snapshots and Beyond", by Rogelio Guzman, "React Storybook", by Marie-Laure Thuret, and "Learn Once, Route Anywhere", by Michael Jackson and Ryan Florence.

You can watch all the talks from the conference now through this playlist on the Facebook Developers Youtube channel.

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