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  • Rails on Docker Part Two

    02 April, 20223 minutes

    As I continued following along the tutorial from the book Docker for Rails Developers , it was about to become evident that a lot had changed since…

  • Rails on Docker

    13 March, 20222 minutes

    The company I work for uses Docker containers, both in development and production, but the whole things is so abstracted away from the work I do eve…

  • The Initial State Gotcha

    12 April, 20171 minute

    I ran into an issue recently while refactoring an existing React component in our application at work. Part of my changes to the component included w…

  • TIL: Working with a D3 based chart library

    24 December, 20161 minute

    One of the things I love about my job is that I get to explore different aspects of web development, including all sorts of interesting libraries tha…

  • In search of a faster query

    14 June, 20151 minute

    Recently, as I was fixing a minor bug in one of our applications at work, I had the opportunity to witness what a great difference a simple query can…

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